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Advocacy Win – Annual Barge Service to McLeod Bay, Great Slave Lake

Together with the NWT & NU Chamber of Mines and Northern Air Transport Association, the NWT Chamber advocated on behalf of private businesses in McLeod Bay in the East Arm who had lost barge service to have Marine Transport Services (MTS) extend their existing route to include these stops.
We, the undersigned, are writing to you today in the interest of securing your support for Marine Transport Services (MTS), a crown corporation of the GNWT, to provide annual service to points in McLeod Bay Great Slave Lake.
Traditionally bulk fuel and freight delivery to 5 destinations in McLeod Bay has been provided by East Arm Freighting. They have been providing annual barge service to this area for the last 40 years. Recently, East Arm Freighting has decided to no longer service the region primarily due to new regulations required by Parks Canada. This decision has caused a negative impact on the access to delivery service within the Park.  One of their primary destinations in the area is the fuel cache at Reliance, which now resides inside the National Park. Reliance is a long-standing, essential refueling stop en-route to the south-east NWT & the eastern arctic beyond. Currently, MTS is the only barge operator permitted in the National Park.
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