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Federal Alcohol Escalator Tax

On April 01, 2021 the federal government is set to automatically increase the Alcohol Tax.  Escalator taxes set a dangerous precedent, increasing year after year without being voted on or studied by Parliament. It’s time we freeze this unfair tax and give Canadians a break. Did you know taxes make up nearly  50% of the price of each case of beer, 65-75% of each bottle of wine, and 80% of each bottle of spirits? And the federal government still wants to raise the tax on alcohol. #FreezeTheAlcoholTax and give Canadians a break.
We have sent a letter to Minister Caroline Wawzonek asking for her support in ensuring the escalator tax be frozen in the next federal budget, giving all Canadians a much-needed break via a letter to Minister Crystia Freeland. Full Letter - link
Minister Wawzonek's response - link
For more information on this please visit the Canadian Chamber's webpage - Freeze the Alcohol Tax

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