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Joint Senate Submission

Together we are stronger through this difficult COVID-119 situation and we know this is a very difficult time for you.  Together the NWT Chamber of Commerce and NWT Tourism have been working collaboratively to advocate for the NWY business community.  Both of our originations are working together on your behalf pushing for programs and services that will enable you to survive and revive as we come through this unprecedented health and economic storm.
Attached, is an issues document (click here) that we have been using together to identify gaps in federal programs and to provide poignant examples from the NWT.  We are using this docuemtn to speak and write to Parliamentarians, CanNor, GNWT, and most recently Senator Anderson's office.  Senator Anderson approached both of us to provide input to help the three northern senators understand NWT challenges and issues so they can be advocates in parliament for northern businesses at the Committee of Finance and on Social Affairs.
If after looking at this issues brief, you have other examples of where federal programs are not working for your business, please get in you with one of us and share your examples.  We are committed to continuing to work on your behalf.

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